Combating COVID-19

Through prototyping, domestic manufacturing and open sourcing N95 masks

Why we're here.

Healthcare heroes give us their best. We need to give them ours.

The number of projected masks needed* for the safety of our healthcare workers on the front lines of treating and containing the spread of the virus is staring us down today. Right now, the U.S. only has 12 million N95 masks: in total, just 1% of its current need.  We owe it to our medical personnel to pool our mindshare and resources now more than ever to solve this problem.


The number of years it would take to meet expected demand of masks based on current production. We're committed to increasing domestic production of medical-grade PPE, starting with N95 masks. When insufficient masks are our reality, healthcare professionals are more vulnerable to catch and spread the disease. When they get sick, they cannot treat the sick... worsening the effect of the pandemic. The solution starts at home, reducing our reliance on global supply chains where shortages and logistics delay efforts to keep hospitals stocked.


COVID-19 will forever shape the international pandemic response and our approach here at home. We aim to offer greater peace of mind by sharing learnings with engineering and business communities, so that future efforts have swift, local options to ramp up supply to better meet demand, as part of multifaceted efforts to support present and unforeseen public health and biosecurity threats.

*Source available here


What we'll do.


With the collaboration of Helpful Engineers, a group borne out of a desire to lend a hand in this time of need, the team has designed a N95 mask prototype for use by frontline medical personnel & first responders.


Through business + nonprofit partnerships, we aim to quickly scale the manufacturing of our prototype within the U.S. to mitigate supply shortages. We are actively seeking additional funding + sponsors to propel this initiative forward.


Because we care about equipping as many healthcare workers as possible, as quickly as possible, we know access to information matters. We'll publish all of our learnings, prototypes, procurement process, vendor list and production process to enable others to increase N95 mask production alongside us.


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